Privacy Police

1.) We do not store any so-called 'cookies' on the user's machine. We do not track users on this site nor do we affilate with third parties and/or pass any user data to anyone.

2.) We do not store any plain text converstations of our users. This site does not accept or deliver any plain text messages from or to any of its users.

3.) Our servers do not generate any cryptographic keys nor do we store or pass any. Keys for user conversations are generated solely on the users' machines and are never uploaded to any of our servers.

4.) Our servers log the users' access data. This non-personal data contains the IP-address, the user-agent identifier, the time of the access and the requested (sub-)page. This data is only used for maintaining the servers functionality by blocking malicious requests.

5.) When an user decides to register an account on our site, he or she has to pass us some information. All information we request is either optional or non-personal. When the user decides to pass us personal data, like e-mail addresses, names or contact information in general, the data is stored on our servers as long as the registered account is active. The user can cause the complete deletion of his account and all his passed data at any time without any reason, either by using the respective function in his account or by requesting it via e-mail or letter (an authentification may be needed).

6.) Every user of our site can ask us for which of his or her data we have stored on our servers. We will respond in an adequate time, unless the request is apparently pointless. (An authentification may be needed.)

7.) The use of our site as a registered user may be with costs. In order to obtain payments, we may be working with third parties who transfer the users' payments to us. This privacy police does not give any statement about the polices of those third parties. We will store every transaction on our account long-term, but will never pass this data to any uninvolved third party.

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